The Quintessential Quintuplets: Miku Nakano


Digital Ownership
Gift of Memories「Special Mug」
Gift of Memories「Special Plate」
Gift of Memories 「Framed Artwork」
Partner collection「Framed Artwork」

Joint Partner's Specials

SPECIAL:Limited Framed Artwork Switches on the 5th of Every Month Available for Order

・If you become the partner of one of the brides in the artwork, you will be able to order it.
・Each special framed artwork is only available for order for 1 month.
・By ordering the special framed artwork, you will receive the message card from the quintuplets as a bonus gift.

※The framed artwork is ¥33,000 yen (tax incl.)
※The frame size is 470mm x 395mm x 25mm.
※Artwork with all the quintuplets can be purchased by becoming any bride’s partner.
※The Limited Framed Artwork Collection that can be purchased from each bride are the same.
※Since it is made to order, Framed artwork will be shipped two months after the ordered month.

1. Certificate of Joint Partnership

A Certificate with your name that proves your joint partnership will be issued.
It represents how all partners share this artwork equally.
Only the joint partners will be able to access to their exclusive pages.
Also, as a joint partner, you will have your name with the author of The Quintessential Quintuplets, Negi Haruba.

※ The image above is illustrative purpose.
※ Certificate will be digital-only.

2. Gift of Memories 「Special Plate」

A plate full of those unforgettable faces and expressions of hers.
This is a special item that contains all of the best memories. With the special mug, it would be a wonderful set on the dining table.
Each joint partner can only order the plate for once.

※It will take about 1 months from the ordering month for production and shipping

3. Gift of Memories 「Framed Artwork」

The framed artwork is made by using the same technique on making the huge framed edition exhibited at the chapel.
It is printed in ultra-high quality and adjusted to the artwork's best color.
You may feel the bride's glittering eyes, warm skin, touch of the hair from the framed artwork.
Each joint partner can only order the framed artwork once.

※It will take about 2 months from the ordering month for production and shipping

4. Gift of Memories「Special Mug」

A mug with all of those unforgettable faces and expressions.
A mini-towel with the same design will also be included, which made this into a bridal gift box.
This is a special item that contains all of the memories.
Each joint partner can only order the mug set for once.

※It takes about 1 month from the ordering month to ship.

5. Chapel Exhibition Report

Partners will be able to check out the report of the chapel exhibition which was held at Ivy Hall, a chapel located in Omotesando, Shibuya, Tokyo. The artworks were made into huge framed artwork and exhibited there.

Bonus: Message Card from the Bride

Bonus message card from the quintuplets will be gifted to the partners who order the Limited Framed Artwork available from February 5th, 2021.

※Message differs for each month’s framed artwork.

For partner who has ordered the framed artwork, special mug, or special plate, you will receive a special message card as bonus gift.

※The message differs for each item.
※Special framed artwork that’s added from February 5th, 2021 also comes with the message card.
※Please see more detail and the cautions at The Quintessential Quintuplets Special Page.
※This joint partnership will not be able to be traded.




TitleThe Quintessential Quintuplets: Miku Nakano
Year Created2017
CharacterMiku Nakano




貧乏な生活を送る高校2年生・上杉風太郎のもとに、好条件の家庭教師アルバイトの話が舞い込む。ところが教え子はなんと同級生!! しかも五つ子だった!! 全員美少女、だけど「落第寸前」「勉強嫌い」の問題児! 最初の課題は姉妹からの信頼を勝ち取ること…!? 毎日がお祭り騒ぎ! 中野家の五つ子が贈る、かわいさ500%の五人五色ラブコメ開演!!


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