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serial experiments lain 008

yoshitoshi ABe / NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan LLC.

Only 1 owner can possess this artwork at a time.
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¥44,000 ~ ¥45,000
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The owner of this artwork will possess the one and only digital ownership of this work, which allows the owner to view the artwork at a higher resolution than the regular users, and to access the following privileges.

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The owner may order a Limited Edition for once. Limited Edition is printed by using the master data, which presents the artwork in its best quality.

Frame Size: W:535mm・H:310mm・D:25mm Frame Material: Wood・Matte Est. Delivery Date: 1 month Other Notes: None
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The digital ownership could be transferred to the next owner through Anique’s platform. Part of the profit will be returned to the creators of the artwork.

※Note: The copyright of the artwork still belongs to the creator. Copying the artwork, selling or distributing the printed artwork, etc., any kind of commercial use is prohibited.

About the Work

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Titleserial experiments lain 008
Year Created1998
CharacterLain Iwakura (cv: Kaori Shimizu)
Character Designeryoshitoshi ABe


Awarded the Excellence Prize in the 1998 Japan Media Arts Festival

Series Info

Series Nameserial experiments lain
Year Published1998
Credityoshitoshi ABe / NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan LLC.


Strange events begin to occur as a withdrawn girl named Lain becomes obsessed with interconnected virtual realm of The Wired.

Ownership History

安倍𠮷俊/NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan LLC.0x859ef858aa5869c6eb942aaa40ed7c1f1793b179

1. Private Owner (2019/12/02 - Now)0xf138f9b3c31b138b9dcebab43a55b2e8cb53995b