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魔法使いの嫁 013


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タイトル魔法使いの嫁 013
キャラクター羽鳥智世(cv: 種﨑敦美)


2014年 コミックナタリー大賞 2位
2014年 コレ読んで漫画ランキング 6位
2015年 このマンガがすごい!2015オトコ編 2位
2015年 全国書店員が選んだマンガランキング2015 1位
2015年 次にくるマンガ大賞2015「これから売れて欲しいマンガ」部門 2位
2015年 マンガ大賞2015 12位
2018年 造本装幀コンクール 日本書籍出版協会理事長賞

Series Introduction

クレジット©︎2017 ヤマザキコレ/マッグガーデン・魔法使いの嫁製作委員会



Ownership History


1. Ichiro Aoki (2019/12/03 - Now)0x8e23995d2d94193d02b4a1a18e05f25b732e12af

About the Digital Ownership

The owner of this artwork will possess the one and only digital ownership of this work, which allows the owner to view the artwork at a higher resolution than the regular users, and to access the following privileges.

Certificate of Ownership

A certificate that proves the owner’s possession of the artwork, which is approved by the creators and the copyright holders, and issued by Anique. Name of the artwork, creator, studio, year created, owner ID, period of ownership are recorded on the certificate. The Certificate of Ownership can be viewed on Anique’s platform. Owners may also share it on social media.

Ordering an Exclusive Limited Edition

The owner may order a Limited Edition for once. Limited Edition is printed by using the master data, which presents the artwork in its best quality.

Frame SizeWidth 535mm, Height 310mm, Depth 25mm
Frame MaterialWood, Matte
Estimated Delivery DateAround 1 Month
Edition No.1
Other NotesNone

Ownership Transference

Digital ownership can be transferred to the next owner through Anique's offer feature. Make an offer to the currently owner, if it's accepted, the digital ownership will be transferred to you. Also, Part of the profit will be returned to the creators of the artwork.

The copyright of the artwork still belongs to the creator. Copying the artwork, selling or distributing the printed artwork, etc., any kind of commercial use is prohibited.